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Blog Title: Different types of hot water heater

Main Que: What are the different types of water heaters out there?

  • Category: Types Of 80 Gallon Water Heaters
  • Query By: TERRI GREGORY (Waterbury, CT)
  • Date: 05/19/2013

Answer: Hey Nina, water heaters come in numerous types. The type of water heater depends on the type of fuel it uses to heat water, the way it heats and store water, and how fast it can provide hot water. So, based on fuel type, there are electric, natural gas, liquid propane, solar water heater and such. Based on the way it heats and store water, there are storage tank, tankless, and hybrid water heaters.

  • Replied By: GWENDOLYN BOWEN (Farmington Hills, MI)
  • Replied Date: 05/20/2013